Pumpin Blood – Istanbul – Turkey


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It's your heart, it's alive
It's pumping blood
And the whole wide world is whistling

NONONO - Pumpin Blood

We were on a business trip and forced to stay in a hotel near the airport for three days straight. Sitting in a meeting room was not the way I thought I would visit Istanbul for the very first time in my life ;). On our last evening we had the chance to catch a bus and join an awesome private boat trip. I must say it was enough to make me more than curious. So I will definitely visit this apparently beautiful city again!

This Is The New Year – Top Of The Rocks – New York – USA


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Speak louder than the words before you
And give them meaning no one else has found
The role we play is so important
We are the voices of the underground

A Great Big World - This Is The New Year

On our last day in New York we didn't want to do too much. We were really exhausted after six days running around and had so much permanent impressions in our heads we needed to process. Regarding the processing I can honestly say that I needed a full month and only now I'm able to go through the pictures, pick the ones I like the most and write down what I experienced during my vacation.

So we decided to trust our friends again and chose the Rockerfeller Center over the Empire State Building. We bought our tickets and were immediately allowed to use the elevator to Top of the Rocks (instead of waiting several hours). The view was breathtaking. I couldn't stop taking pictures from each angle and each direction. We had bad luck with the weather (cloudy and misty again), so I selected the black and white version.

Say – Staten Island Ferry – New York – USA


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Even if your hands are shakin'
And your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closin'
Do it with a heart wide open

John Mayer - Say

Every sales guy told us to buy a ticket for the Statue of Liberty(*) and every friend who visited "The Big Apple" already told us to use the Staten Island Ferry for free. And although New York spend it's own money on reopening this place of interest during the big government shutdown, we decided to trust our friends. We had bad weather, so I was not able to take the typical touristy sunshine pictures. Instead it was really cloudy and misty, so the pictures have their own kind of colour palatte and often look so much better in black and white.

(*) "It's only worth something if you pay money for it!" :D

Kangaroo Court – New York – USA


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In a dusty room I've come to assume
That I've been doomed to lose my mind tonight
Too weak to fight
So I tried to save face and I rest my case
The judge pulls me aside said c'est la vie
Let your darker side come out to feed

Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court

Another skyscraper shot as you can see, somewhere in Manhattan. I was really fascinated by the buildings in general and I needed to force myself to make pictures with straight perspectives too. I love the glass fronts with all the reflections here.